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No grammar schools, lots of play: the secrets of Europe’s top education system

It’s a warm September afternoon in the Kallio district of Helsinki. Out in the Franzenia daycare centre playground, groups of four- and five-year-olds roam contentedly. “Would you like an ice-cream?” asks one, having set up her elaborate “stall” on the edge of the sandpit. Kindergarten staff move among the children, chatting, observing and making written notes.   There is nothing outwardly distinctive about the centre, though with 200 children, it is the city’s largest. It is a tall, somewhat dour former university building, built in the 1930s and converted to its present role last year. Yet it is in places such as this oddly homespun centre with its strange echoes of bureaucracy, walls plastered with children’s art and piles of play paraphernalia, that the Finnish education “miracle” ...

Speech by the Former President of the Kyrgyz Republic Roza Otunbayeva at the 55th Session of the UN Commission on Social Development, February 1, 2017

Speech by the Former President of the Kyrgyz Republic Roza Otunbayeva at the 55th Session of the UN Commission on Social Development, February 1, 2017Roza Otunbayeva, former President of the Kyrgyz Republic   Excellencies, Distinguished Guests,   I want to start by thanking for the privilege, on behalf of the Club de Madrid, to lead this jointly sponsored discussion on “Strategies for eradication of poverty to achieve sustainable development for all.” Let me thank the UN Commission for Social Development for long term and fruitful cooperation with the Club de Madrid to enhance the quality of global debates on key social and economic issues, and for guiding worldwide leaders, ...

Eco-action «My Green Friend» at the kindergarten #71

How to teach kids to love nature? Try to plant houseplants together with them.   So that was done today (at February 3, 2017) at the pre-school educational organization (PEO) # 71, located at the 5 mkr. of Bishkek city. Eco-Team of the International Public Foundation "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" in cooperation with the Education Department of Bishkek City Hall held the first eco-action "My Green Friend" aimed at the formation of ecological consciousness and ecological culture of pre-school age children.   The organizers of the ecological action prepared and presented to the kids a colorful presentation on houseplant "Geranium" and its beneficial properties, explained how to plant it. Geranium has not been chosen by chance - it is known in medicine for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties since ...

Continuation of Poetry Evenings

The "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" International Public Foundation continues to organize poetry evenings. The next evening for poetry lovers will be held on February 17, 2017 at 17:00 in the small hall of the National Philharmonic of the Kyrgyz Republic named after T.Satylganova and will be dedicated to the poetry of Burulkan Karagulova "Kөzdөgү Zhalyn". Free admission.  

«Children's Philharmonic»: In the World of Tchaikovsky's Fairy Tales

A wonderful concert "In the World of Tchaikovsky's Fairy Tales" was held on January 28, 2017. It was the 7th concert of the musical and educational program "Children's Philharmonic", organized by the "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" International Public Foundation and National Philharmonic with the support of the Swiss Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic.   The concert was Lead by Altynay Abetekova, post-graduate student of the Kyrgyz National Conservatory. During the 1st part of the concert, she told the audience about the works of Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky, revealed the secrets of the piano and its variants. The second part of the concert was devoted to Tchaikovsky's ballets. The soloist of the Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Kyrgyz Republic Akkar Mambetahunova told the guests about the history of the ballet costumes and ballet ...

The «Genius» Radio Program: Effect of Chess on the Overall Development of Children

Interest in chess education is growing in recent years. We can observe it through the growing number of working chess clubs, competitions and tournaments in Bishkek and other cities of Kyrgyzstan.   Why children should be taught to play chess? What differs a Mini Chess Central Asia from the classic chess? What is a situation of a chess game in the Kyrgyz regions? Today's "Genius" radio program guests - Co-founder of the educational program "Mini Chess Central Asia" Asel Omuralieva and trainer of Children Chess Center named after Tilenbaeva Cholpon Tilenbaeva responded to this and other questions.

Evening Poetry of Kyrgyz Writer Akmatbekova Sagyn

An evening poetry of Ms. Akmatbekova was held on January 20, 2016. Akmatbekova's poetry both colourful and penetrating makes the reader not just to listen, but also to think and feel. Akmatbekova says that she is by far the most complicated character and have a hard life. Many of her works reflect the difficult turns of her life, experiences and feelings. Her poetry is loved by many - from the very young to mature, from Bishkek to Ak-Tala, from where admirers of her poetry came that evening. At the Poetry Evening verses were read not only by Akmatbekova, but also by the spectators: the professors and translators, journalists, and even by a seven-year old girl Zarlykova Kerez, who loves the poetry of Akmatbekova S.  

Development Centers at Jailoo (Video)

In 2016 117 Development Centers on jailoo were opened by the "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" International Public Foundation across the country. 35 of them were opened in the Batken, Jalal-Abad, Osh regions with the financial support of the British Embassy and in collaboration with the Aga Khan Foundation within the framework of the project "Strengthening Stability in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan through the Effective Management of Natural Resources."

We are in mourning...

In this difficult day full of pain for the whole Kyrgyzstan the Founder and staff members of the "Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva" International Public Foundation express their deepest condolences to the families and friends who lost their lives in the crash of the Boeing-747-400F cargo airplane on the Hong Kong - Bishkek - Istanbul route flight. We wish a speedy recovery to all those who have suffered this terrible disaster. Yesterday, on January 18, 2017, the Foundation staff transferred the money means to special accounts of those who were injured.  

10 popular family science movies

We offer you ten popular science movies to be interesting for the whole family, that will expand your horizons and give lots of topics for discussion. Robots, 2014 (Italy) Twenty years ago robot soldiers and robots surgeons, exoskeletons and anthropomorphics would have seemed as a line taken from fantastic book, but today it is a reality. Robotics technology has made a great progress and developed so rapidly that almost no sphere of life works without mechanical assistants. How should we adapt and is there any use to unequivocally enjoy the appearance of robotic dogs, domestic workers and porters?  Ancient Worlds, 2010 (UK)  A BBC documentary is devoted to the first religions and peoples. Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Egypt and Greece, which became a place of attention of historians, have preserved a number of evidence of those ...


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