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Happy New Year!

Dear friends! Warm wishes for a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas from the Founder and team of the "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" International Public Foundation! It is a unique event gifted us once a year. This is an amazing and unusual day when we welcome the New Year and see off the outgoing year at the same time. And it is very symbolic, as we are trying to leave all the problems and troubles at the old year and take with us a good mood, new victories and achievements! Let the New Year give you a well-being, accomplishment of desires, strengthen a faith in the future and the success accompanies all your endeavors always and everywhere. We wish you and your beloved families harmony, peace and prosperity!   Year by year you encourage us to work eagerly for the good of society.Thank you that you are always with us! Happy New Year!

«TazaBISH» action devoted to the World Week «Clean Up the World»

On Saturday early morning (September, 24) regular action "TazaBISH" (Clean Bishkek), dedicated to the annual World Week "Clean Up the World" (September 21-27) took place at the territory of Chui Channel (Sovetskaya Str.). The administration of Sverdlov district, Department of Water Resources, local territorial administration, as well as the staff of International Public Foundation "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" and the youth movement "Kadamjay". Within the framework of the action, the participants cleared out the coastal area Big Chui Canal. The action "Clean Up the World", which received the status of the Worldwide, first held in September 1993, the inhabitants of Australia massively step out to clean up the ocean beaches. Gradually the action ...

The Poetry Evening «Yrga aylangan ayymdar» will be held at the National Philharmonic

The Evening of Poetry "Yrga aylangan ayymdar" will be held on September, 29 (Thursday), 2016 at 17.00 -18.30 in the Small Hall of the National Philharmonic. "Yrga aylangan ayymdar" devoted to the work of the two most lyrical poetesses of Kyrgyzstan - Baktygul Choturova and Zhypar Isabaeva. The entrance is free.  

The radio program «Genius»: the new book «Kyrgyz Heroic Epic «Manas» in pictures

The next release of the radio program "The Genius" (ether - 16.09.2016) will be dedicated to the publication of the new book "Kyrgyz Heroic Epic" Manas" in pictures. Manas epic first ever was published in Kyrgyzstan in the genre of mango. Guests: Beksultan Zhakiev, Honored artist of the Kyrgyz Republic, dramaturge. Zamir Ilipov - member of the Union of artists of Kyrgyz Republic and also the coordinator from the "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative".  

The Concert for Children «Parade of Wind Instruments»

The concert for children "Parade of Wind instruments" will be held on September 29, 2016 at the Great Hall of the National Philharmonic at 11.00 to 12.00. International Public Foundation " Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" together with the National Philharmonic invites youth of Bishkek and their parents to the concert "Parade of wind instruments" - the performance about the brass instruments in the framework of the program "Children's Philharmonic".    

International Workshop (Seminar) on National Games for Pre-school Educational Institutions of Bishkek

On September 13, representatives of the International Public Foundation "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" participated in the international seminar "The role and importance of folk games in the development of pre-school age children, taking into account the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards of Russian Federation and the State Standard of the Kyrgyz Republic". This seminar, organized by the Education Department of the Bishkek City Hall on the initiative of an expert in the field of folk games Prof. T. E Umetov, is being held in Kyrgyzstan for the second time in the framework of the social project "World of Childhood - issues related to childhood have no borders and distances." The main objectives of the workshop is to demonstrate the importance of learning and use of folk games in preschool institutions, share ...

The first stop of «Caravan Ecologic Knowledge» in new academic 2016-2017 year

On September 8, at the invitation of the school-gymnasium #13, the first fall "Caravan of Knowledge" was organized for students of 8th grade on the topic "Urban ecology and Human health". Representatives of the eco - project "Think globally, Act locally: raising environmental responsibility among children and youth" and Public Eco Fund "Yrystan" demonstrated to the children an interactive presentation on various environmental issues, showed social eco videos taken in conjunction with various partners, calling for respect for the environment, as well as the video film on the fourth Festival of Education: Environment and Health, held on April 22-23, 2016 in Bishkek city. Also, the children were talked about the upcoming eco-month (September 20 – October 20) in the framework of which the capital schools will organized extracurricular lessons on ...

Presentation of the eco-design of the installation workshop for teachers of geography

On August 9, representatives of environmental project "Think globally, act locally: raising environmental responsibility among children and young people" took part in the installation workshop for teachers of geography "Problems of education of geography teachers in the light of the requirements of a professional teacher standards", organized by the Education Department of the City Hall of Bishkek. The seminar, held in the school gymnasium № 4, with presentations on the formation ... Direct link: Presentation of the eco-project of the installation workshop for teachers of geography Презентация Эко-проекта МОФ "Инициатива Розы Отунбаевой" «Эффективная и творческая система подготовки школьников к олимпиаде по ...


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